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Jumbo bee feeder - 12 pint

Our 12 pint Jumbo bee feeder is perfect for fast, clean safe feeding of your bees. Ever popular with beginner and experienced beekeepers alike, the jumbo feeder is small enough to fit inside a super and still hold more than enough feed for the bees. The clever design of the jumbo feeder minimises the possibility of bees drowning.

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Made from tough plastic our jumbo feeders are built to last for years. jumbo feeders are placed over a hole in the crown board of the hive. The bees enter the feeder from the bottom and access the syrup through a cleverly designed coned system which minimises the chance of bees drowning.

Jumbo feeders are popular because the bees can take as much or as little feed as they want without having to leave the hive.

Beechwood Bees feeders, as with all our beekeeping supplies are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. The price quoted includes VAT. Super & crown board pictured not included.